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Whether you are looking for full service qualitative or quantitative in-house research, field or data services, or the use of a specialist professional qualitative viewing facility, the experienced team at Opinions Market Research is committed to understanding and meeting your specific needs on time and within budget.

We appreciate that each client has different requirements, and we take the time to consult fully with you to determine the best research solutions for your business and research objectives. For those clients that do not require our full in-house service, we can also offer data and field services to suit. We provide the following services:

Opinions Full In-house Service

With our full in-house service, we manage the research project from start to finish. We will recruit participants through our field team, carry out the research, process and analyse the data and generate a report and presentation with actionable results and recommendations for your business.

Field Services

At Opinions we have a large, dedicated field services team able to carry out the following:

  • Face to face interviews
  • Telephone interviews
  • In-home interviews
  • Street interviews
  • Mall interviews

Our field services team is also responsible for recruiting participants for focus groups and depth interviews. All field services are used (as appropriate) in our full in-house service or are available as stand-alone services for businesses that need field research done on their behalf.

Opinions Data Services

There may be times where you have undertaken your own survey but require assistance with data entry and analysis, particularly for large projects which may not have the resourcing within your business. Opinions Data Services team is available to assist with:

  • Coding and editing
  • Data entry
  • Data cleaning/processing
  • Table production - including basic tables, cross tabulation of data, mean scores, correlation analysis

Depending on your requirements there may be other data services that we can provide (such as regression and statistical testing for difference), so please let us know what you need.

The Opinions Monitor

The Opinions Monitor is a regular telephone survey to a representative sample of 600 Cantabrians (400 Christchurch residents) aged 15 or over. The Opinions Monitor is an excellent way to provide Christchurch and Canterbury organisations with an effective, cost efficient tool for gathering market intelligence. Examples of questions include:

  • Level of agreement with a particular statement
  • Level of satisfaction with a particular service or product
  • Level of awareness of a promotional campaign
  • Likelihood of taking a particular action within a defined time period
  • Frequency of media consumption (such as newspapers read within a set time period)

The above is a snapshot of examples only and we work with clients to design the questions and how best to apply the findings. Questioning is available monthly, quarterly, biannually, annually or a one-off basis. All questions can be analysed by demographics (e.g. age, gender, ethnicity, location). The cost structure is flexible based on specific requirements.

The Opinions Environmental Scan

Environmental scanning is the identification and use of information about trends in an organisation's external environment, to assist management in planning the organisation's future. It helps to identify threats and opportunities, gain competitive advantage and improve short term, medium term and long-term planning. If you simply don't have the time or resource to carry out environmental scanning for your organisation, then Opinions Market Research can provide this service for you with the Opinions Environmental Scan.

The Christchurch Viewing Studio:

Located in the centre of Christchurch, is the Christchurch Viewing Studio - a state of the art facility for holding focus groups. Our many years experience conducting qualitative research led us to create a facility with the needs of research participants, moderators and clients in mind. The Christchurch Viewing Studio comprises a discussion room providing an inviting setting for research participants (up to 12) and a high-tech viewing room for clients.

Opinions Market Research Ltd. The Christchurch Viewing Studio

For more information visit: or read our viewing studio brochure (pdf document 945kb).

The Studio has professional staff on hand to deal with hospitality and the audio-visual equipment, leaving you free to give your attention to the research. The viewing room offers a one way mirror, two LCD monitors displaying different angles, recording of the group onto DVD (extra copies made on request) and seating for five to six clients. This focus group facility is available as a direct rental or as part of a fully managed research project.

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